09.04.2019 - Lara Kristin Zeitel

Shang-da Zusammen mit Prof. Shang-da Yang aus Taiwan forscht Prof. Clara Saraceno vom Lehrstuhl "Photonics and Ultrafast Laser Science" seit kurzem auf dem Gebiet der ultravioletten Lasertechnik sowie der leistungsstarken Laserquellen im Terahertz (THz). Trotz unterschiedlicher Anwendungsbereiche, verbindet die beiden Forscher eines: they have a common need for high average power, ultrafast laser sources with very short pulse durations (<30 femtoseconds). The research target of the group of Prof. Yang at NTHU is to achieve table-top extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lasers at 13.5 nm to meet the EUV photolithography era of semiconductor manufacturing industry. On the other hand, the group of Prof. Saraceno targets to achieve high-power sources of Terahertz (THz) radiation for time-domain spectroscopy.

The group of Prof. Saraceno specializes in high-average power ultrafast lasers based on the thin-disk technology, which in spite of delivering record high power levels of several hundreds of watts, can only produce 'long' pulses with >>100 femtoseconds. On the other hand, Prof. Yang pioneered the area of pulse compression using the MPC technique, which is ideally suited to compress these lasers in a simple and efficient geometry. However, this promising technique remains widely unexplored at very high average power. In this joint research project, they want to explore the possibilities offered by the multi-plate technique to compress the pulses of a high power thin-disk laser capable of generating hundreds of watts of average power. The resulting system delivering very short pulses (<30 fs) and hundreds of watts of average power would represent a significant advance in laser technology, as well as provide a unique tool for both research groups research goals.(Photo: sdyang)