Abgeschlossene Promotionsverfahren

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Lutter - 11.2009

A Fast Numerical Solution of the Neutron Diffusion Equations based on Wave Digital Principles

1. examiner: Fischer, Hans Dieter
2. examiner: Steimel, Andreas


Dipl.-Ing. Christian Beine - 11.2009

Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of a Fully Polarimetric, Broadband Multi-Frequency System for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging of Complex Scenes

1. examiner: Edenhofer, Peter
2. examiner: Süß, Helmut


Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Brenner - 11.2009

Terahertz-Technology with Diode Lasers

1. examiner: Hofmann , Martin R.
2. examiner: Koch, Martin


Dipl.-Inform. Thomas Groß - 11.2009

Browser-based Identity Federation

1. examiner: Sadeghi, Ahmad-Reza
2. examiner: Pfitzmann, Birgit


Dipl.-Ing. Lijun Liao - 09.2009

Secure Email Communication with XML-based Technologies

1. examiner: Schwenk, Jörg
2. examiner: Grimm, Rüdiger


Dipl.-Ing. Andrey Bogdanov - 08.2009

Analysis and Design of Block Cipher Constructions

1. examiner: Paar, Chris­tof
2. examiner: Rijmen, Vincent


Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Eisenbarth - 08.2009

Cryptography and Cryptanalysis for Embedded Systems

1. examiner: Paar, Chris­tof
2. examiner: Standaert, Francois-Xavier


Dipl.-Ing. Christian Hansen - 08.2009

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Computer Tomography

1. examiner: Ermert, Helmut
2. examiner: Schmitz, Georg


Dipl.-Ing. Stefanie Dencks - 07.2009

Signal Analysis of Quantitative Ultrasound Measurements at the Proximal Femur

1. examiner: Ermert, Helmut
2. examiner: Glüer, Claus-Christian


Dipl.-Ing. Jan Richter­ - 07.2009

Reconfigurable Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems - a Fault-Hiding Approach

1. examiner: Lunze, Jan
2. examiner: Heemels, Maurice