Abgeschlossene Promotionsverfahren

Dipl.-Ing. Roman Bartelt - 09.2013

Contribution to simulation and control of converter-dominated grid systems with focus on MMC-based HVDC sstems

1. examiner: Staudt , Volker
2. examiner: Ginn, Herbert


Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Fischnaller - 08.2013

Aging Investigations of Li-Ion Cells for Hybrid Electrical Vehicles - Development of a Test Centre, statistical Investigations and Modeling of the Aging Effects

1. examiner: Melbert, Joachim
2. examiner: Glasmachers, Albrecht


Dipl.-Inform. Jan Salmen - 08.2013

Eine Systemarchitektur für effiziente videobasierte Fahrerassistenzsysteme

1. examiner: Schöner, Gregor
2. examiner: Igel, Christian


Dipl.-Ing. David Oswald - 08.2013

Implementation Attacks: From Theory to Practice

1. examiner: Paar, Chris­tof
2. examiner: Naccache, David


M.Sc. Zheng Yang - 07.2013

Strongly Secure Authenticated Key Exchange in the Standard Model

1. examiner: Schwenk, Jörg
2. examiner: Manulis, Mark


Dipl.-Ing. Benedikt Driessen - 07.2013

Practical Cryptanalysis of Real-World Systems

1. examiner: Paar, Chris­tof
2. examiner: Anderson, Ross


M. Sc. Anas Chaaban - 07.2013

Relaying for Interference Management

1. examiner: Sezgin, Aydin
2. examiner: Jafar, Syed Ali


Dipl.-Ing. Florian Kohlar - 07.2013

On the Cryptographic Security of Browser-Based Protocols

1. examiner: Schwenk, Jörg
2. examiner: Hofheinz, Dennis


M.Sc. Mohammed Shihab - 07.2013

The Dynamics of the Plasma Boundary Sheath

1. examiner: Brinkmann, Ralf Peter
2. examiner: von Keudell, Achim


M.Sc. Juraj Somorovsky - 06.2013

Insecurity of XML-Security

1. examiner: Schwenk, Jörg
2. examiner: Paterson, Kenneth