Abgeschlossene Promotionsverfahren

Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Spichartz - 07.2019

Regenerative braking strategies to increase energy efficiency in electric vehicles

1. examiner: Sourkounis , Constantinos
2. examiner: Wagner, Hermann-Josef


M. Sc. Jared Ombiro Gwaro - 06.2019

Wechselwirkung von Terahertzstrahlung mit Halbleiterlasern

1. examiner: Hofmann , Martin R.
2. examiner: Koch, Martin


M. Sc. Frederik Schmidt - 05.2019

Technological high-frequency plasmas and their interaction with external electrical networks

1. examiner: Brinkmann, Ralf Peter
2. examiner: Mussenbrock, Thomas


M. Sc. Axel Rothstein - 04.2019

A contribution to the characterization and optimization of the open-loop control and switching characteritics of power converters

1. examiner: Staudt , Volker
2. examiner: Pfost, Martin


M. Sc. Kai Jansen - 03.2019

Detektion und Lokalisierung von Angriffen auf satellitengestützte Navigationssysteme

1. examiner: Sezgin, Aydin
2. examiner: Pöpper, Christina

3. examiner: Martinovic, Ivan


M. Sc. Marcus Niemietz - 01.2019

Analysis of UI Redressing Attacks and Countermeasures

1. examiner: Schwenk, Jörg
2. examiner: Johns, Martin


M. Sc. Matthias Theßeling - 01.2019

A novel concept for drives in multidirectional roller conveyor applications

1. examiner: Staudt , Volker
2. examiner: Pacas, Mario


M. Sc. Falk Schellenberg - 11.2018

Novel Methods of Passive and Active Side-Channels Attacks

1. examiner: Paar, Chris­tof
2. examiner: Holcomb, Daniel


Dipl.-Phys. Jacob Zalach - 11.2018

Analysis of the warm up behaviour of HID Lamps

1. examiner: Awakowicz, Peter
2. examiner: Mentel, Jürgen


M.Sc. Felix Mitschker - 11.2018

Influence of plasma parameters in pulsed microwave and radio frequency plasmas on the properties of gas barrier films on plastics

1. examiner: Awakowicz, Peter
2. examiner: Devi, Anjana