Abgeschlossene Promotionsverfahren

Dipl.-Ing. Katharina Stapelmann - 12.2013

Plasma Technical and Microbiological Characterization of Newly Deloped VHF Plasmas

1. examiner: Awakowicz, Peter
2. examiner: Bandow, Julia


Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Heyse - 11.2013

Post Quantum Cryptography: Implementing Alternative Public Key Schemes on Embedded Devices

1. examiner: Paar, Chris­tof
2. examiner: Güneysu, Tim

3. examiner: Barreto, Paulo


M. Sc. Andreas Mayer - 11.2013

On the Security of Web Single Sign-On

1. examiner: Schwenk, Jörg
2. examiner: Posegga, Joachim


Dipl.-Ing. Christian Keck - 11.2013

Models of correspondence finding and probabilistic representative learning

1. examiner: Würtz, Rolf P.
2. examiner: Wiskott, Laurenz


Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Inform. Claudia Dekomien - 11.2013

Registration of 3D-ultrasound with MRT and CT data for navigated surgery

1. examiner: Schmitz, Georg
2. examiner: Würtz, Rolf P.


Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Sczyslo - 10.2013

Methods for the correction of the antennas influence in ultra-wideband channel chracacterisation

1. examiner: Rolfes, Ilona
2. examiner: Kaiser, Thomas


Dipl.-Ing. Bingchang Ni - 09.2013

Aprroach to determine the discont facotors of the Stochastic Dynamic Optimisation for the control of wind Turbine applications

1. examiner: Sourkounis , Constantinos
2. examiner: Konigorski, Ulrich


Dipl.-Ing. Roman Bartelt - 09.2013

Contribution to simulation and control of converter-dominated grid systems with focus on MMC-based HVDC sstems

1. examiner: Staudt , Volker
2. examiner: Ginn, Herbert


Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Fischnaller - 08.2013

Aging Investigations of Li-Ion Cells for Hybrid Electrical Vehicles - Development of a Test Centre, statistical Investigations and Modeling of the Aging Effects

1. examiner: Melbert, Joachim
2. examiner: Glasmachers, Albrecht


Dipl.-Inform. Jan Salmen - 08.2013

Eine Systemarchitektur für effiziente videobasierte Fahrerassistenzsysteme

1. examiner: Schöner, Gregor
2. examiner: Igel, Christian