Abgeschlossene Promotionsverfahren

M. Sc. Christian Zenger - 01.2017

Physical-Layer SecuriThingsty for the Internet of


M. Sc. Darius Malysiak - 11.2016

Massive Parallelization of HOG-based Algorithms für Object Detection

1. examiner: Würtz, Rolf P.
2. examiner: Göhringer, Diana

3. examiner: Handmann, Uwe


Dipl.-Ing. Mose Choi - 11.2016

Relative Frequency Stabilization of optical Signals using Stimulated Brillouin Scattering

1. examiner: Hofmann , Martin R.
2. examiner: Awakowicz, Peter

3. examiner: Mayorga, Inán Cámara


B. Sc. Patrik Gebhardt - 09.2016

Algorithms for the fast analysis of multiphase flows by electromagnetic tomography

1. examiner: Musch, Thomas
2. examiner: Mussenbrock, Thomas


M. Sc. Soheyl Gherekhloo - 09.2016

On the Approximative Optimality of Treating Interference as Noise in Multi-User Networks

1. examiner: Sezgin, Aydin
2. examiner: Caire, Guiseppe

3. examiner: Popovski, Petar


M.Sc. Alexander Alexejev - 09.2016

Influence of the run-up behaviour on the lifetime of HID lamps

1. examiner: Awakowicz, Peter
2. examiner: Mentel, Jürgen


M.Sc. Uwe Mönks - 09.2016

1. examiner: Hübner, Michael
2. examiner: Lohweg, Volker

3. examiner: Salomon, Ralf


Dipl.-Ing. Martin Gevers - 09.2016

System concepts for the electrical impedance tomography for fast measurements of multiphase flows

1. examiner: Musch, Thomas
2. examiner: Ermert, Helmut


Dipl.-Biol Robert Gawlik - 09.2016

On the Impact of Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities in Client Applications

1. examiner: Holz, Thorsten


M.Sc. Max Engelhardt - 08.2016

Plasma-induced ionization waves: Fundamentals and Surface modifications

1. examiner: Awakowicz, Peter
2. examiner: Mussenbrock, Thomas