Abgeschlossene Promotionsverfahren

Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Kolb - 03.2014

Radarbasiertes Bildgebungsverfahren mit hoher Winkelauflösung für Messsysteme mit geringer Antennenanzahl

1. examiner: Rolfes, Ilona
2. examiner: Stolle, Reinhard


Dipl.-Ing. Christian Stöcker - 03.2014

Event-based state-feedback control of physically interconnected systems

1. examiner: Lunze, Jan
2. examiner: Heemels, Maurice


Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Bienholz - 02.2014

Capacitively coupled multiple frequency plasmas for the deposition of ceramic and ferromagnetic thin films

1. examiner: Awakowicz, Peter
2. examiner: Mussenbrock, Thomas


Dipl.-Phys. Benjamin Schröder - 02.2014

Modelling and Simulation of a plasma ion-assisted deposition process

1. examiner: Brinkmann, Ralf Peter
2. examiner: Awakowicz, Peter

3. examiner: Czarnetzki, Uwe


Dipl.-Ing. Christopher Meyer - 02.2014

20 years of SSL/TLS Research - An analysis of the Internet's Security Foundation

1. examiner: Schwenk, Jörg
2. examiner: Freiling, Felix C.


Dipl.-Ing. Cornelia Ruhrmann - 02.2014

Investigation of the emitter efficient induced by rare earth elements in HID lamps

1. examiner: Awakowicz, Peter
2. examiner: Mentel, Jürgen


Dipl.-Ing. Hendrik Jähme - 01.2014

Diode laser based Terahertz and Raman spectroscopy for the pharmaceutical quality control

1. examiner: Hofmann , Martin R.
2. examiner: Esen, Cemal


Dipl.-Ing. Doris Grosse - 01.2014

Topographic measurements using digital holographic microscopy combined with photrefractive single-shot holography

1. examiner: Hofmann , Martin R.
2. examiner: Mussenbrock, Thomas


Dipl.-Ing. Dominic Schmid - 01.2014

Multichannel Dereverberation and Noise Reduction for Hands-Free Speech Communication System

1. examiner: Enzner, Gerald
2. examiner: Kellermann, Walter

3. examiner: Martin, Rainer


Dipl.-Ing. Felix Bruns - 01.2014

Energy-efficient System Architectures for Safety-critical Embedded Devices

1. examiner: Musch, Thomas
2. examiner: Bilgic, Attila