Abgeschlossene Promotionsverfahren

M.Sc. Leili Salehi - 02.2016

Nonlinear Tomographic Reconstruction of Elastic Properties of Isotropic Solid Materials

1. examiner: Schmitz, Georg
2. examiner: Hübner, Michael


Dipl.-Ing. Martin Beckmann - 01.2016

Optimizing a semiconductor laser based photoacoustic imaging system

1. examiner: Schmitz, Georg
2. examiner: Hofmann , Martin R.


M. Sc. Jan Nierhoff - 12.2015

Cognitive Context Awareness- A concept for Self-Determined Repetitive Data Collection within Surveys

1. examiner: Balzert, Helmut
2. examiner: Herrmann, Thomas Andreas


Dipl.-Math. Sebastian Houben - 11.2015

Image Processing Algorithms for Driver Assistance using Wide Angle Cameras

1. examiner: Schöner, Gregor
2. examiner: Würtz, Rolf P.


Dipl.-I­ng. Moritz Spichartz - 11.2015

Multivariable Control of MMC-Fed Induction Machine Drives

1. examiner: Steimel, Andreas
2. examiner: Braun, Michael


Dipl.-Ing. Nils Lohmann - 10.2015

Aging Investigations in Li-Ionen Cells for Automotive Applications - Measurement Equipment, Characterization Methodology and Aging Effects

1. examiner: Awakowicz, Peter
2. examiner: Melbert, Joachim


Dipl.-Ing. Robert Storch - 10.2015

Ultra-breitbandige Reflektormeterschaltungen für den Einsatz in der Plasmadiagnostikn für breitbandige Kommunikations- und Messsysteme im mm-Wellen Bereich

1. examiner: Musch, Thomas


M. Sc. (FH) Steffen Paar - 09.2015

Development and Investigaton of an MR-compatible Optical Tomography Imaging System for Preclinical Applications

1. examiner: Schmitz, Georg
2. examiner: Ladd, Mark E.

Dipl.-Ing. Felix Schuster - 09.2015

Securing Application Software in Modern Adversarial Settings

1. examiner: Holz, Thorsten
2. examiner: Sadeghi, Ahmad-Reza


Dipl.-Math. Markus Hesse - 09.2015

Nonlinear quantitative acoustical material parameter reconstruction in low-frequency 2D/3D ultrasound refelction tomography

1. examiner: Schmitz, Georg
2. examiner: Natterer, Frank