A 10-Gb/s CMOS Serial-Link Receiver using Eye-Opening Monitoring for Adaptive Equalization and for Clock and Data Recovery

Thomas Suttorp, Ulrich Langmann

IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC) 2007, San Jose, CA, Sept. 2007, Conf. Proc., pp. MP?24?1 – MP?24?4


A 10-Gb/s receiver for chip-to-chip communication is presented which employs an eye-opening monitor for both adaptive equalization as well as digital clock and data recovery (CDR). The prototype circuit fabricated in 0.13-?m CMOS technology consumes about 164 mW (adaptive equalizer and CDR, excluding output buffers) at 1.2 V supply voltage and occupies about 0.39 x 0.39 mm^2. The CDR fulfills the SONET/SDH jitter tolerance requirements at a 2^31-1 PRBS and a BER of < 10^-12. Successful adaptive equalization of a 30 cm (12”) and 76 cm (30”) channel on standard FR4 substrate is also demonstrated.