HiPIMS discharges: analytic and numeric modeling

2014 - Sara Gallian, Jan Trieschmann, William N. G. Hitchon, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

17th Workshop on the Exploration of Low Temperature Plasma Physics, Kerkrade, Netherlands, Nov. 20-21, 2014.

Remote IP Protection using Timing Channels

2014 - Ariano-Tim Donda, Peter Samarin, Jacek Samotyja, Kerstin Lemke-Rust, Chris­tof Paar

The 17th Annual International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology -- ICISC 2014, December 3 ~ 5, 2014, Seoul, Korea, to appear [pdf]

Your Software at my Service

2014 - Vladislav Mladenov, Christian Mainka, Florian Feldmann, Julian Krautwald, Jörg Schwenk

ACM CCSW 2014 in conjunction with the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) November 7, 2014, The Scottsdale Plaza Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. [paper]

An analytical study of the mode propagation along the plasmaline

2014 - Daniel Szeremley, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, Denis Eremin

67th An­nual Ga­se­ous Elec­tro­nics Con­fe­rence (GEC), Ral­eigh (North Ca­ro­li­na), USA, 03 No­vem­ber - 07 No­vem­ber (oral cont­ri­bu­ti­on)

Resonance Frequencies of Curling Probe in Plasma: Surface Wave Analysis

2014 - Ali Arshadi, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

67th An­nual Ga­se­ous Elec­tro­nics Con­fe­rence, 3- 7 November, 2014, Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Dark Alleys of Madison Avenue: Understanding Malicious Advertisements

2014 - Apostolis Zarras, Alexandros Kapravelos, Gianluca Stringhini, Thorsten Holz, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna

14th ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), Vancouver, Canada, November 2014 [PDF]

Efficient Modelling of Pulsing CCP Reactors

2014 - Schabnam Naggary, Frank Atteln, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, Mustafa, Megahed

67th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference, Raleigh, USA, 03.-07.11.2014

Electron beam formation and resonance phenomena in low pressure capacitive rf plasmas

2014 - Sebastian Wilczek, Jan Trieschmann, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, Julian Schulze, Edmund Schüngel, Aran­ka Derz­si, Ihor Ko­ro­l­ov, Zol­tán Donkó

67th An­nual Ga­se­ous Elec­tro­nics Con­fe­rence (GEC), Raleigh (North Carolina), USA, 03 November - 07 November (oral cont­ri­bu­ti­on) [Presentation]

Multi-Ciphersuite Security of the Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol

2014 - Florian Bergsma, Benjamin Dowling, Florian Kohlar, Jörg Schwenk, Douglas Stebila

ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security - Best Student Paper Award - [Webseite]

Narrowband direction-of-arrival estimation with a single antenna using compressed sensing

2014 - Artur Nalobin, Ilona Rolfes

Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC 2014), Sendai, Japan, Nov 4-7, 2014 [IEEE Library]