Integrated surface gratings in VCSELs for high birefringence splitting

2020 - Tobias Pusch, Pierluigi Debernardi, Markus Lindemann, Natalie Jung, Nils C. Gerhardt, Martin R. Hofmann , Rainer Michalzik

Proc. SPIE Vol. 11356, 113560L (2020)

Investigation of the polarization state in spin-VCSELs with thermally tuned birefringence

2020 - Natalie Jung, Markus Lindemann, Pascal Stadler, Tobias Pusch, Rainer Michalzik, Martin R. Hofmann , Nils C. Gerhardt

Proc. SPIE Vol. 11356, 113560M (2020)

Beyond the Front Page: Measuring Third Party Dynamics in the Field

2020 - Tobias Urban, Martin Degeling, Thorsten Holz, Norbert Pohlmann

The Web Conferences (WWW), Tai­pei, Tai­wan, April 2020 [arXiv] [PDF]

Single-cycle, MHz-repetition rate THz source with 66 mW of average power

2020 - Frank Wulf, Tim Vogel, Shahwar Ahmed, Clara J. Saraceno

Optics Letters 45,8 (2020) DOI: 10.1364/OL.386305

Side-Channel Hardware Trojan for Provably-Secure SCA-Protected Implementations

2020 - Samaneh Ghandali, Thorben Moos, Amir Moradi, Chris­tof Paar

IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, Volume 28, Issue 6, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

The Planar Multipole Resonance Probe: A Minimally Invasive Monitoring Concept for Plasma-Assisted Dielectric Deposition Processes

2020 - Dennis Pohle, Christian Schulz, Moritz Oberberg, Peter Awakowicz, Ilona Rolfes

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, DOI: 10.1109/TMTT.2020.2974835, April 2020 [IEEE Library]

TI-PUF: Toward Side-Channel Resistant Physical Unclonable Functions

2020 - Anita Aghaie, Amir Moradi

IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, Volume 15, Pages 3470 - 3481, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Digital holography for evaluation of the refractive index distribution externally induced in semiconductors

2020 - Vira R. Besaga, Nils C. Gerhardt, Martin R. Hofmann

Proc. SPIE 11306, Practical Holography XXXIV: Displays, Materials, and Applications, 1130608 (February 21, 2020); doi: 10.1117/12.2544160 [Link]

Extracting the Features of the Shallowly Buried Objects using LeNet Convolutional Network

2020 - Mostafa El Saadouny, Jan Barowski, Ilona Rolfes

14th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2020), Copenhagen, Denmark, March 15-20, 2020