Wireless security threats: Eavesdropping and detecting of active RFIDs and remote controls in the wild

2011 - Timo Kasper, David Oswald, Chris­tof Paar

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Kinetic Modeling of the Advanced Plasma Source

2011 - Benjamin Schröder, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, Jens Harhausen, Andreas Ohl

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Process Diagnostics and Monitoring Using the Multipole Resonance Probe (MRP)

2011 - Jens Harhausen, Peter Awakowicz, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, Rüdiger Foest, Martin Lapke, Thomas Musch, Jens Oberrath, Andreas Ohl, Ilona Rolfes, Christian Schulz, Robert Storch, Tim Styrnoll

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Self-consistent simulation of high-frequency driven plasma sheaths

2011 - Mohammed Shihab, Denis Eremin, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

64rd An­nual Ga­se­ous Elec­tro­nics Con­fe­rence 2011, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 14-18 No­vem­ber

A Broadband Stacked Patch Antenna with Enhanced Antenna Gain by an Optimized Ellipsoidal Reflector for X-band Applications

2011 - Christian Schulz, Christoph Baer, Thomas Musch, Ilona Rolfes

3rd International IEEE Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas and Electronic Systems (IEEE COMCAS 2011), Tel-Aviv, Israel, Nov 7-9, 2011 [IEEE Library]

A Highly Stable Timebase for Subsampling Systmes Using a Fractional Concept with Short Periodicity

2011 - Robert Storch, Thomas Musch

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Embedded Systems Start-up under Timing Constraints on Modern FPGAs

2011 - J. Meyer, J. Noguera, Michael Hübner, R. Stewart, J. Becker

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Praktische Angriffe auf die Bitstromverschlüsselung von Xilinx FPGAs

2011 - Markus Kasper, Timo Kasper, Amir Moradi, Chris­tof Paar

Datenschutz und Datensicherheit - DuD - Ausgabe 11/2011 - [Dud Webseite] [pdf]

Seitenkanalanalyse kontaktloser SmartCards

2011 - Timo Kasper, David Oswald, Chris­tof Paar

Datenschutz und Datensicherheit - DuD - Ausgabe 11/2011 - [DuD Webseite] [pdf]

High-throughput characterization of film thickness in thin film materials libraries by digital holographic microscopy

2011 - Ryan Yiu Wai Lai, Michael Krause, Alan Savan, Sigurd Thienhaus, Nektarios Koukourakis, Martin R. Hofmann , Alfred Ludwig

Sci. Technol. Adv. Mater. 12 (2011) 054201 (6pp)