Colliding pulse mode-locked lasers as light sources for single-shot holography

2011 - Doris Grosse, Nektarios Koukourakis, Tobias Schlauch, Jan C. Balzer, Andreas Klehr, Götz Erbert, Günther Tränkle, Martin R. Hofmann

Semiconductor and Integrated Optoelectronics (SIOE) conference, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, 2011

Real-Time Nyquist Pulse Modulation Transmitter Generating Rectangular Shaped Spectra of 112 Gbit/s 16QAM Signals

2011 - R. Schmogrow, M. Winter, M. Meyer, D. Hillerkuss, B. Nebendahl, J. Meyer, M. Dreschmann, Michael Hübner, J. Becker, C. Koos, W. Freude, J. Leuthold

Signal Processing in Photonic Communications 2011, Toronto Canada

Fastly tunable External-Cavity Diode-Lasers Controlled by Electro-Absorption Modulators

2011 - Hendrik Jähme, M. Bülters, D. Jäger, Martin R. Hofmann

CLEO Europe München

Investigating the influence of the operating frequency on the gas phase emitter effect of dysprosium in ceramic metal halide lamps

2011 - J Reinelt, Michael Westermeier, Cornelia Ruhrmann, Andre Bergner, Gerard Luijks, Peter Awakowicz, Jürgen Mentel

JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, Volume: 44, Issue: 22, Article Number: 224006, DOI: 10.1088/0022-3727/44/22/224006, Published: JUN 8 2011

A heterogeneous SoC Architecture with embedded virtual fpga Cores and Runtime core Fusion

2011 - P. Figuli, Michael Hübner, R. Girardey, F. Bapp, T. Bruckschlögl, F. Thoma, J. Henkel, J. Becker

NASA/ESA 6th Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems (AHS) 2011, San Diego, CA, USA

Practical Evaluation of DPA Countermeasures on Reconfigurable Hardware

2011 - Amir Moradi, Oliver Mischke, Chris­tof Paar

HOST 2011, Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE International Symposium on Hardware-Oriented Security and Trust (HOST), 5-6 June 2011, San Diego, California, USA [BibTeX] [DOI] [pdf]

Run-Time Resource Instantiation for Fault Tolerance in FPGAs

2011 - M. Pereira, L. Braun, Michael Hübner, J. Becker, L. Carro

NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems (AHS), 2011, San Diego, CA, USA

Exploration of Power-Performance Tradeoffs through Parameterization of FPGA-based Multiprocessor Systems

2011 - Diana Göhringer, J. Obie, A. Braga, Michael Hübner, C. Llanos, J. Becker

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Spectroscopic Optical Coherence Tomography for substance differentiation

2011 - Volker Jaedicke, Helge Wiethoff, Christoph Kasseck, Nils C. Gerhardt, H. Welp, Martin R. Hofmann

International Symposium on Optical Coherence Tomography. Ilmenau, Germany (2011)