Enhanced neovascularization of dermis substitutes via low-pressure plasma-mediated surface activation

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Enhancing RFID Security and Privacy by Physically Unclonable Functions (Extended Abstract)

2010 - Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Ivan Visconti, Christian Wachsmann

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Magnetic Microbubbles: Magnetically targeted and Ultrasound-triggered Vectors for Gene Delivery in vitro

2010 - Vlaskou, D., Pradhan, P., Bergemann, C., Klibanov, A.L., Karin Hensel, Georg Schmitz, Plank, C., Mykhaylyk, O.

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Ma­ch­ia­vel­li Con­fronts 21st Cen­tu­ry Di­gi­tal Tech­no­lo­gy: De­mocra­cy in a Net­work So­cie­ty

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Multispectral photoacoustic coded excitation imaging using unipolar orthogonal Golay codes

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Secure Bindings of SAML Assertions to TLS Sessions

2010 - Jörg Schwenk, Sebastian Gajek, Meiko Jensen, Florian Kohlar,

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Speaker Recognition in Encrypted Voice Streams

2010 - Michael Backes, Goran Doychev, Markus Dürmuth, Boris Köpf

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Synergistic effects of sonoporation and Taurolidin/TRAIL on apoptosis in human fibrosarcoma

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The anode region of electric arcs: a survey

2010 - J. Heberlein, Jürgen Mentel, E. Pfender

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