Spectroscopic and Microscopic Investigations of Degradation Processes in Polymer Surface-Near Regions During the Deposition of SiOx Films

2015 - Felix Mitschker, Dietrich, Jan, Ozkaya, Berkem, de los Arcos, Teresa, Giner, Ignaci, Peter Awakowicz, Grundmeier, Guido

PLASMA PROCESSES AND POLYMERS Volume: 12 Issue: 9 Pages: 1002-1009 Special Issue: SI DOI: 10.1002/ppap.201500085 Published: SEP 2015 [URL]

Grey-Box Modeling of Ex-Vivo Isolated Perfused Kidney

2015 - Amin Aghababaei, Martin Hexamer

in 9th IFAC Symposium on Biological and Medical Systems BMS 2015 Berlin, Germany, Volume 48, Issue 20, 2015, Pages 171-176, ISSN 2405-8963

A new approach to generate arbitrary pulsatile pressure wave forms in mechanical circulatory support systems

2015 - Amin Aghababaei, Martin Hexamer

in Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2015 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE , vol., no., pp.3299-3302, 25-29 Aug. 2015 doi: 10.1109/EMBC.2015.7319097

An 80 GHz Programmable Frequency Divider for Wideband mm-Wave Frequency Ramp Synthesis

2015 - Marcel van Delden, Gregor Ruße, Nils Pohl, K. Aufinger, Thomas Musch

in Proc. 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Radio-Frequency Integration Technology (RFIT), Sendai, Japan, Aug. 26-28, 2015

A Novel Ultra-Wideband 80 GHz FMCW Radar System for Contactless Monitoring of Vital Signs

2015 - S. Wang, Antje Pohl, Timo Jaeschke, M. Czaplik, M. Köny, S. Leonhardt, Nils Pohl

in Procedings IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Milan, Italy, Aug. 25-29, 2015

AdIDoS - Adaptive and Intelligent Fully-Automatic Detection of Denial-of-Service Weaknesses in Web Services

2015 - Christian Altmeier, Christian Mainka, Juraj Somorovsky, Jörg Schwenk

International Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Security Assurance (QASA), Vienna, Austria, 2015 [Paper PDF]

On the Security of TLS 1.3 and QUIC Against Weaknesses in PKCS#1 v1.5 Encryption

2015 - Tibor Jager, Jörg Schwenk, Juraj Somorovsky

ACM CCS 2015 [pdf]

Practical Invalid Curve Attacks on TLS-ECDH

2015 - Tibor Jager, Jörg Schwenk, Juraj Somorovsky

ESORICS 2015 [pdf]

Affine Equivalence and its Application to Tightening Threshold Implementations

2015 - Pascal Sasdrich, Amir Moradi, Tim Güneysu

22nd International Conference on Selected Areas in Cryptography, SAC 2015, Mount Allison University Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada, August 12-14 2015 [pdf]

Not so Smart: On Smart TV Apps

2015 - Marcus Niemietz, Juraj Somorovsky, Christian Mainka, Jörg Schwenk

International Workshop on Secure Internet of Things (SIoT 2015, Vienna, Austria) [pdf]