Inspector Gadget: Automated Extraction of Proprietary Gadgets from Malware Binaries

2010 - Clemens Kolbitsch, Thorsten Holz, Christopher Kruegel, Engin Kirda

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New concepts for continuous wave and quasi time domain THz systems

2010 - Carsten Brenner, Martin R. Hofmann

EOSAM, Paris, France

Inductorless Low-Voltage and Low-Power Wideband Mixer for Multistandard Receivers

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High Performance Reconfigurable Multi-Processor-Based Computing on FPGAs

2010 - Diana Göhringer, J. Becker

In Proc. of the IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing, Workshops and Phd Forum (IPDPSW), Atlanta, USA.

Spectroscopic Image Analysis with Pattern Recognition in Frequency Domain Optical Coherence Tomography

2010 - Volker Jaedicke, Christoph Kasseck, Nils C. Gerhardt, H. Welp, Martin R. Hofmann

in Biomedical Optics, OSA Technical Digest (CD) (Optical Society of America, 2010), paper BSuD8

Streaming-based verification of XML Signatures in SOAP Messages

2010 - Jörg Schwenk, Meiko Jensen,

In Proceedings of the IEEE 2010 International Workshop on Web Service and Business Process Security (WSBPS 2010), Miami, FL, USA.

Towards an Anonymous Access Control and Accountability Scheme for Cloud Computing

2010 - Jörg Schwenk, Sven Schäge, Meiko Jensen,

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Verfolgen und Abschwächen von Malicious Remote Control Networks

2010 - Thorsten Holz

Ausgezeichnete Informatikdissertationen 2009. LNI D-10, pages 101-110, May 2010 [Dagstuhl Seminar]

Electrical Spin injection in InAs Quantum Dots from a Ferromagnetic Contact in Remanence at Room Temperature and Adjustment of the Emission Wavelength for Spintronic Applications

2010 - A. Ludwig, R. Roescu, A.K. Rai, K. Trunov, Mingyuan Li, Henning Höpfner, F. Stromberg, A. Ebbing, Nils C. Gerhardt, Martin R. Hofmann , H. Wende, D. Reuter, A.D. Wieck

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A Design Methodology for Application Partitioning and Architecture Development of Reconfigurable Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip

2010 - Diana Göhringer, Michael Hübner, M. Benz, J. Becker

18th International IEEE Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM), Charlotte, USA