Wireless RF Multi-Chip-Modules for LTCC System-in-Package Solutions: Key Design Considerations

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Drehzahlelastische Antriebssysteme unter stochastischen Belastungen

2004 - Constantinos Sourkounis

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Vulnerability Assessment using Honeypots

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Investigations on the Resonances of a Bounded Plasma

2004 - Martin Lapke, Thomas Mussenbrock, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

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Study of Neutral Loop Discharge (NLD) plasma via PIC Simulation

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Eigenmodes of a Plasma reactor for Inhomogeneous Density Profiles

2004 - Thomas Mussenbrock, Dennis Ziegler, Thomas Senega, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

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The eigenmodes of a plasma eractor for inhomogeneous electron density profiles

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Optimal Tower Fields for Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptosystems

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A SEERS Model for Magnetically Enhanced Discharges

2004 - Thomas Mussenbrock, Jens Reinelt, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

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Ein erweitertes SEERS-Modell für HD-Plasmen

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SEERS für dichte Plasmen. Ein erweitertes analytisches Model

2004 - Thomas Mussenbrock

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Statical Methods for the Assessment and Detection of Failures of Wind Turbines within a Wind Plant

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Two-color semiconductor lasers

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Some Thoughts about Implementation Properties of Stream Ciphers

2004 - Sandeep Kumar, Kerstin Lemke-Rust, Chris­tof Paar

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