Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Plasma-Enhanced Nucleation of Titanium Nitride Thin Films: Analysis of Interaction Potentials

2017 - Tobias Gergs, Jan Trieschmann, Marcus Hans, Denis Music, Jochen M. Schneider, Thomas Mussenbrock

18. Fachtagung für Plasmatechnologie, Göttingen, Germany, February 20-22, 2017

A Machine Learning Methodology for Cache Recommendation

2017 - Osvaldo Navarro Guzman, Javier Eduardo Hoffmann, Fabian Stuckmann, Michael Hübner, Jones Yudi Mori Alves da Silva

13th International Symposium on Applied Reconfigurable Computing (ARC2017)

Hiding Higher-Order Side-Channel Leakage - Randomizing Cryptographic Implementations in Reconfigurable Hardware

2017 - Pascal Sasdrich, Amir Moradi, Tim Güneysu

RSA Conference Cryptographers’ Track, CT-RSA 2017, San Francisco, February 14-17 2017. [pdf] [DOI]

Zustandsbeobachtung linearer Systeme mit unbekannten Eingängen

2017 - Jan Lunze

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Fast and precise data acquisition for broadband microwave tomography systems

2017 - Malte Mallach, Thomas Musch

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Millimeter-Wave Radar Sensor for Snow Height Measurements

2017 - S. Ayhan, M. Pauli, S. Scherr , B. Göttel, A. Bhutani, Sven Thomas, Timo Jaeschke, J.-M. Panel , F. Vivier, L. Eymard, A. Weill, Nils Pohl, T. Zwick

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Optimized mixed-domain signal synthesis for broadband impedance spectroscopy measurements on lithium ion cells for automotive applications

2017 - Peter Haußmann, Joachim Melbert

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Toward Improved Audio CAPTCHAs Based on Auditory Perception and Language Understanding

2017 - Hendrik Meutzner, Santosh Gupta, Viet-Hung Nguyen, Thorsten Holz, Do­ro­thea Kolossa

ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security (TOPS), Volume 19, Issue 4, February 2017

SECRET: On the Feasibility of a Secure, Efficient, and Collaborative Real-Time Web Editor

2017 - Dennis Felsch, Christian Mainka, Vladislav Mladenov, Jörg Schwenk

ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS) 2017 [GitHub-Project] [Paper] [Slides]

SoK: Exploiting Network Printers

2017 - Jens Müller, Vladislav Mladenov, Juraj Somorovsky, Jörg Schwenk

38th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P 2017) [html] [html] [pdf]

SoK: Single Sign-On Security – An Evaluation of OpenID Connect

2017 - Christian Mainka, Vladislav Mladenov, Tobias Wich, Jörg Schwenk

IEEE Eu­ropean Sym­po­si­um on Se­cu­ri­ty and Pri­va­cy (EuroS&P 2017) [pdf]

Tissue differentiation by means of high resolution optical emission spectroscopy during electrosurgical intervention

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Applications for Optical Components in THz Systems

2017 - Andreas Stöhr, Vitaly Rymanov, Besher Khani, Yinghui Hu, Martin R. Hofmann

Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC), Los Angeles, California, USA (2017) -invited paper-

Two-Color Laser for THz Generation with High Speed Photodiodes

2017 - Yinghui Hu, Besher Khani, Carsten Brenner, Vitaly Rymanov, Andreas Stöhr, Martin R. Hofmann

German Terahertz Conference, Bochum, Germany (2017)

A Fully Differential 100 - 140 GHz Frequency Quadrupler in a 130um SiGe:C Technology for MIMO Radar Applications Using the Bootstrapped Gilbert-Cell Doubler Topology

2017 - Simon Küppers, K. Aufinger , Nils Pohl

in Proc. 2017 IEEE 17th Topical Meeting on Silicon Monolithhic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems (SiRF), Phoenix, Jan. 15-18, 2017

Particle-in-Cell/Test-Particle Simulations of Technological Plasmas: Sputtering Transport in Capacitive Radio Frequency Discharges

2017 - Jan Trieschmann, Frederik Schmidt, Thomas Mussenbrock

Plasma Processes and Polymers 14, 1600140 (2017) [DOI]

Terahertz frequency generation with monolithically integrated dual wavelength Distributed Bragg Reflector semiconductor laser diode

2017 - Jared Ombiro Gwaro, Carsten Brenner, Bernd Sumpf, Andreas Klehr, Jörg Fricke, Martin R. Hofmann

IET optoelectronics special issue, DOI: 10.1049/iet-opt.2016.0054 , Print ISSN 1751-8768, Online ISSN 1751-8776

Electron Heating in Voltage and Current Driven Asymmetric Capacitive RF Discharges

2017 - Sebastian Wilczek, Jan Trieschmann, Julian Schulze, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, Donkó, Zoltán, Thomas Mussenbrock

21st Symposium on Application of Plasma Processes (SAPP) 13-18 January 2017, Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia

May the Force be with You: The Future of Force-Sensitive Authentication

2017 - Katharina Krombholz, Thomas Hupperich, Thorsten Holz

Journal of Internet Computing, Special Issue of Usable Security and Privacy, 2017 [pdf]

The effect of UV radiation from oxygen and argon plasma on the adhesion of organosilicon coatings on polypropylene

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Target evaluation for high accuracy 80 GHz FMCW Radar distance measurements

2017 - S. Scherr, R. Afroz, S. Ayhan, Sven Thomas, Timo Jaeschke, M. Pauli , Nils Pohl, T. Zwick

in Proc. IEEE Topical Meeting on Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks (WiSNet), Phoenix AZ, Jan. 15-18, 2017

Kinetic analysis of negative power deposition in inductive low pressure plasmas

2017 - Jan Trieschmann, Thomas Mussenbrock

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Silicon surface modifications produced by non-equilibrium He, Ne and Kr plasma jets

2017 - Max Engelhardt, Kartaschew, Konstantin, Nikita Bibinov, Havenith, Martina, Peter Awakowicz

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High-power Yb:GGG thin-disk laser oscillator: first demonstration and power-scaling prospects

2017 - A. Diebold, Z. Jia, I. J. Graumann, Y. Yin, F. Emaury, Clara J. Saraceno, X. Tao, U. Keller

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Design and Implementation of IEEE 802.11 a/g Receiver Blocks on a Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Array

2017 - Sajjad Nouri, Waqar Hussein, Diana Göhringer, Jari Nurmi

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Reconfigurable Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip

2017 - Diana Göhringer

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2D Microwave Tomography System for Imaging of Multiphase Flows in Metal Pipes

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Broadband coaxial line to rectangular waveguide transition for a microwave tomography sensor

2017 - Malte Mallach, Thomas Musch

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Im Kampf gegen Landminen

2017 - Christoph Baer, Thomas Musch, Ilona Rolfes

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Physical Design Obfuscation of Hardware: A Comprehensive Investigation of Device and Logic-Level Techniques

2017 - Vijayakumar, Arunkumar, Patil, Vinay C., Holcomb, Daniel E., Chris­tof Paar, Kundu, Sandip

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VUV absorption spectroscopy of bacterial spores and DNA components

2017 - Marcel Fiebrandt, Jan Lackmann, Raguse, Marina, Moeller, Ralf, Peter Awakowicz, Katharina Stapelmann

PLASMA PHYSICS AND CONTROLLED FUSION Volume: 59 Issue: 1 Special Issue: SI Article Number: 014010 DOI: 10.1088/0741-3335/59/1/014010 Published: JAN 2017 [URL]

A 200 um by 100 um Smart Dust System with an Average Current Consumption of 1.3 nA

2016 - Dominic Funke, Pierre Mayr, Lukas Straczek, John S. McCaskill, Jürgen Oehm, Nils Pohl

23rd IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (ICECS), Monte Carlo, Monaco, Dec 11-14 2016 [PDF]

Introduction of an iterative model for determining the coupling between the multipole resonance probe and the plasma

2016 - Jan Kaiser, Sebastian Wilczek, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

WELT­PP-19, De­cem­ber 1-2, 2016 at Rol­duc, Kerk­ra­de, the Nether­lands

Investigation of a mmWave-Radar based Sensor for Snow-Suspension Density Measurements

2016 - Christoph Baer, Timo Jaeschke, Fischer, Jan-Thomas, Fromm, Reinhard, Rauter, Matthias, Achleitner, Stefan, Nils Pohl

in IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 16, no.24, pp. 8861-8862, Dec. 15, 2016, doi: 10.1109/JSEN.2016.2620340

Advanced Electronic Circuit Breaker Techniques for the Use in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

2016 - Ivan Stoychev, Jürgen Oehm

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Six degrees of separation in multi-agent systems

2016 - Jan Lunze

Proc. of the 55th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), pp. 6838 - 6844, Las Vegas, USA, 2016

Lattice-Based Cryptography: from Reconfigurable Hardware to ASIC

2016 - Tobias Oder, Tim Güneysu, Felipe Valencia, Ayesha Khalid, Maire O’Neill, Francesco Regazzoni

The 15th International Symposium on Integrated Circuits, ISIC 2016, Singapore, 12 – 14 Dec 2016 [PDF]

A Dynamic Cache Reconfiguration Platform for Soft Real-Time Systems

2016 - Osvaldo Navarro Guzman, Michael Hübner, Tim Leiding

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FPGA Debugging by a Device Start and Stop Approach

2016 - Habib ul Hasan Khan, Diana Göhringer

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Side-Channel Analysis Protection and Low-Latency in Action - case study of PRINCE and Midori

2016 - Amir Moradi, Tobias Schneider

International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptology and Information Security, ASIACRYPT 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam, December 4 - 8, 2016. [pdf] [DOI]

EvilCoder: Automated Bug Insertion

2016 - Jannik Pewny, Thorsten Holz

Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), Los Angeles, California, USA, December 2016 [GitHub] [PDF]

Multi-Receiver GPS Spoofing Detection: Error Models and Realization

2016 - Kai Jansen, Nils Ole Tippenhauer, Christina Pöpper

In Proceedings of the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), 2016 [PDF]

The Passive Eavesdropper Affects my Channel: Secret-Key Rates under Real-World Conditions

2016 - Christian Zenger, Hendrik Vogt, Jan Zimmer, Aydin Sezgin, Chris­tof Paar

IEEE GLOBECOM 2016 Workshops, Washington D.C., USA, December 4-8 2016. [arXiv] [pdf]

Capacitive radio frequency magnetron discharges: A global model

2016 - Dennis Engel, Dennis Krüger, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

WELT­PP-19, Kerk­ra­de, The Nether­lands, De­cem­ber 02, 2016.

A new approach for velocity profile measurements with electromagnetic flow tomography

2016 - Jan Christoph Abrolat, Thomas Musch

IEEE Sensors 2016, Orlando, USA.

An adaptable sensor for electromagnetic flow tomography utilizing an axially split symmetric ferromagnetic circuit

2016 - Jan Christoph Abrolat, Thomas Musch

in Proc. 8th World Congr. Ind. Process Tomography, Iguassu Falls, Brazil, 2016.

Kinetic Investigation of Ideal Multipole Resonance Probe

2016 - Junbo Gong, Sebastian Wilczek, Daniel Szeremley, Jens Oberrath, Wladislaw Dobrygin, Denis Eremin, Michael Friedrichs, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

WELT­PP-19, De­cem­ber 1-2, 2016 at Rol­duc, Kerk­ra­de, the Nether­lands

Obtaining the thickness from linear sheath model

2016 - Farina Voigt, Schabnam Naggary, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

WELT­PP-19, De­cem­ber 1-2, 2016 at Rol­duc, Kerk­ra­de, the Nether­lands

Planar Multipole Resonance Probe: A Functional Analytic Approach

2016 - Michael Friedrichs, Sebastian Wilczek, Junbo Gong, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, Jens Oberrath

WELT­PP-19, De­cem­ber 1-2, 2016 at Rol­duc, Kerk­ra­de, the Nether­lands

A local search algorithm for plug-and-play reconfiguration of interconnected systems

2016 - Sven Bodenburg, Jan Lunze

Automatisierungstechnik 64 (2016) No. 12, pp.977-989