A study of electrode temperature lowering in Dy-containing ceramic metal halide lamps: II. An investigation of the converse effect of Tl and/or Na additives

2013 - Michael Westermeier, Cornelia Ruhrmann, Andre Bergner, Cornelis Denissen, Jos Suijker, Peter Awakowicz, Jürgen Mentel

JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, Volume: 46, Issue: 18, Article Number: 185202, DOI: 10.1088/0022-3727/46/18/185202, Published: MAY 8 2013

PSiOS: Bring Your Own Privacy & Security to iOS Devices

2013 - Tim Werthmann, Ralf Hund, Lucas Davi, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Thorsten Holz

ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS), Hangzhou, China, May 2013 - **Distinguished Paper Award** [pdf]

Non-exponential photoluminescence transients in GaNAsP lattice matched to (001) silicon substrate

2013 - Nils C. Gerhardt, Nektarios Koukourakis, Markus Finkeldey, Martin R. Hofmann , M. Zimprich, K. Volz, W. Stolz, K. Jandieri, F. Gebhard, S. Baranovskii , B. Kunert

DPG Frühjahrstagung, Regensburg, Germany (2013)

Optical gain and lasing in GaNAsP/BGa(As)P heterostructures grown on (001) silicon substrate

2013 - Markus Finkeldey, Nektarios Koukourakis, Nils C. Gerhardt, Martin R. Hofmann , M. Zimprich, K. Volz, W. Stolz, B. Kunert

DPG Frühjahrstagung, Regensburg, Germany (2013)

Spin injection and spin relaxation: Magnetic field effects

2013 - Henning Höpfner, Carola Fritsche, A. Ludwig, A. Ludwig, F. Stromberg, H. Wende, W. Keune, D. Reuter, A.D. Wieck, Nils C. Gerhardt, Martin R. Hofmann

DPG Frühjahrstagung, Regensburg, Germany (2013)

Simulation of Neutral Gas Dynamics for PVD DC-MSIP and HPPMS Processes

2013 - Kirsten Bobzin, Nazlim Bagcivan, Sebastian Theiß, Ricardo Henrique Brugnara, Marcel Schäfer, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, Thomas Mussenbrock, Jan Trieschmann

40th International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF 2013), San Diego (California), USA, 29 April - 03 May

Improved SOC Estimation for Lithium-Ion Cells Valid for Different Temperatures and States-of-Health

2013 - Patrick Weßkamp, Manuel Fischnaller, Nils Lohmann, Joachim Melbert, Thomas Musch

SAE (Hg.) – SAE World Congress 2013

Secure Bindings for Browser-based Single Sign-On

2013 - Andreas Mayer, Florian Kohlar, Lijun Liao, Jörg Schwenk

In 13. Deutscher IT-Sicherheitskongress des BSI: Informationssicherheit stärken --- Vertrauen in die Zukunft schaffen, Seiten 375--390, SecuMedia Verlag

A 240 GHz Ultra-Wideband FMCW Radar System with On-Chip Antennas for High Resolution Radar Imaging

2013 - Timo Jaeschke, Christian Bredendiek, Nils Pohl

To appear: Pro­c. 2013 IEEE In­ter­na­tio­nal Micro­wa­ve Sym­po­si­um (IMS), pp. 1-3, June 2-7, 2013, Seattle, Washington, USA

A Fundamental 240 GHz Single-Chip Radar Transceiver in a SiGe Bipolar Technology with On-Chip Antennas and Ultra-Wide Tuning Range

2013 - Christian Bredendiek, Nils Pohl, Timo Jaeschke, Klaus Aufinger, Attila Bilgic

To appear: Proc. 2013 IEEE Radio Fre­quen­cy In­te­gra­ted Cir­cuits Sym­po­si­um (RFIC), June 2-4, 2013, Seattle, Washington, USA