Be the Phisher - Understanding Users’ Perception of Malicious Domains

2020 - Florian Quinkert, Martin Degeling, Jim Blythe, Thorsten Holz

CORSICA: Cross-Origin Web Service Identification

2020 - Christian Dresen, Fabian Ising, Damian Poddebniak, Tobias Kappert, Thorsten Holz, Sebastian Schinzel

ACM Asia Conference on Computer & Communications Security (ASIACCS), Taipei, Taiwan, June 2020

Measuring the Impact of the GDPR on Data Sharing in Ad Networks

2020 - Tobias Urban, Dennis Tatang, Martin Degeling, Thorsten Holz, Norbert Pohlmann

ACM Asia Conference on Computer & Communications Security (ASIACCS), Taipei, Taiwan, June 2020

IJON: Exploring Deep State Spaces via Fuzzing

2020 - Cornelius Aschermann, Sergej Schumilo, Ali Abbasi, Thorsten Holz

IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy ("Oakland"), San Jose, CA, May 2020

Cryptographic Fault Diagnosis using VerFI

2020 - Victor Arribas, Felix Wegener, Amir Moradi, Svetla Nikova

IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust, HOST 2020, San Jose, USA, May 4-7, 2020. [pdf] [GitHub (ver 1)] [GitHub (ver 2 Beta)]

Beyond the Front Page: Measuring Third Party Dynamics in the Field

2020 - Tobias Urban, Martin Degeling, Thorsten Holz, Norbert Pohlmann

The Web Conferences (WWW), Tai­pei, Tai­wan, April 2020 [arXiv] [PDF]

3D Localization Using a Scalable FMCW MIMO Radar Design

2020 - Jonathan Wittemeier, Aya Ahmed, Thanh Nhat Tran, Aydin Sezgin, Nils Pohl

in Proc. Ger­man Micro­wa­ve Con­fe­rence (GeMIC) 2020, Cottbus, Ger­ma­ny, March 9-11, 2020 (accepted)

Considerations Regarding Simulator Design for Electromagnetic Measurement Systems

2020 - Orell Garten, Jan Barowski, Ilona Rolfes

accepted in IEEE International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics 2020 (ICCEM), Singpore, March 2020.

Transformer-Coupled D-Band PA with 11.8 dBm Psat and 6.3% PAE in 0.13 μm SiGe BiCMOS

2020 - Justin Romstadt, Vincent Lammert, Nils Pohl, Vadim Issakov

in Proc. 2020 IEEE To­pi­cal Mee­ting on Si­li­con Mo­no­li­th­hic In­te­gra­ted Cir­cuits in RF Sys­tems (SiRF), San Antonio, USA, Jan. 26-29, 2020