Wide Range Low Noise Current Sensor

2008 - Richter, F., Constantinos Sourkounis

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Optical gain in Ga(NAsP)/(BGa)(AsP) multi-quantum-well heterostructures grown lattice-matched on (001) Silicon substrate

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Learning and Classification of Malware Behavior

2008 - Konrad Rieck, Thorsten Holz, Carsten Willems, Patrick Düssel, Pavel Laskov

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FPGA Based Stepper Motor Control Function Exploiting Run-Time Reconfiguration

2008 - N. Dahm, Michael Hübner, J. Becker

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Fast Multivariate Signature Generation in Hardware: The Case of Rainbow

2008 - S. Balasubramanian, Andrey Bogdanov, Andy Rupp, J. Ding, H. W. Carter, Chris­tof Paar

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Determination of the electron energy distribution function in a low pressure DICP discharge used for plasma sterilization

2008 - Nikita Bibinov, H. Halfmann, Peter Awakowicz

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Generating Conforming Time Characteristics for Stochastic Technical Processes

2008 - Constantinos Sourkounis , Richter, F.

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Qualification of Control Methods for Wind Energy Converters by Output Power Quality

2008 - Bingchang Ni, Constantinos Sourkounis

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Studying Malicious Websites and the Underground Economy on the Chinese Web

2008 - Jianwei Zhuge, Thorsten Holz, Chengyu Song, Jinpeng Guo, Xinhui Han, Wei Zou

Work­shop on the Eco­no­mics of In­for­ma­ti­on Se­cu­ri­ty (WEIS), Hanover, NH, USA, June 2008 [pdf]

Acceleration of the L4/Fiasco Microkernel Using Scratchpad Memory

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