VPS: Excavating High-Level C++ Constructs from Low-Level Binaries to Protect Dynamic Dispatching

2019 - Andre Pawlowski, Victor van der Veen, Dennis Andriesse, Erik van der Kouwe, Thorsten Holz, Cristiano Giuffrida, Herbert Bos

Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), Puerto Rico, USA, December 2019 [GitHub] [PDF]

Near Cathode Modeling of a Hollow Cathode Arc in an Axial Magnetic Field

2019 - Liang Xu, Jens-Pe­ter Heinß, Ilija Ste­fa­no­vic, Denis Eremin, Fred Fietzke, Peter Awakowicz, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

5th WOPMAS, 5th-6th December, 2019, Bochum, Germany

1/f-Noise and Offset Cancellation for Rail-to-Rail Single-Slope ADCs in MEA Applications

2019 - Lukas Straczek, Dominik Veit, Jürgen Oehm

IEEE Nordic Circuits and Systems Conference (NORCAS): NORCHIP and International Symposium of System-on-Chip (SoC), October 2019, DOI 10.1109/NORCHIP.2019.8906972

Conceptual Study for Ultra Miniaturized High-Precision Optical CMOS Sensors Unaffected by Gradients in Illumination

2019 - André Feiler, Dominik Veit, Lukas Straczek, Jürgen Oehm

2019 15th Conference on Ph.D Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (PRIME), July 2019, DOI 10.1109/PRIME.2019.8787805

Below the Radar: Spotting DNS Tunnels in Newly Observed Hostnames in the Wild

2019 - Dennis Tatang, Florian Quinkert, Thorsten Holz

APWG Symposium on Electronic Crime Research (eCrime) 2019, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, November 2019 [PDF]

(Un)informed Consent: Studying GDPR Consent Notices in the Field

2019 - Christine Utz, Martin Degeling, Sascha Fahl, Florian Schaub, Thorsten Holz

ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2019), November 2019, London, UK [Techcrunch Report] [GitHub] [PDF] [Slides]

A Comparison of χ²-Test and Mutual Information as Distinguisher for Side-Channel Analysis

2019 - Bastian Richter, David Knichel, Amir Moradi

18th Smart Card Re­se­arch and Ad­van­ced Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on Con­fe­rence, CAR­DIS 2019, Prague, Czech Republic, No­vem­ber 11-13, 2019. [pdf]

In vivo investigation of peripheral nerves using optical coherence tomography and texture analysis

2019 - Jens Möller, Anne E. Carolus, Johannes A. P. van de Nes, Marcel Lenz, Christopher Brenke, Kirsten Schmieder, Hubert Welp, Nils C. Gerhardt, Martin R. Hofmann

Interphotonics 2019, Workshop on Optical Coherence Tomography, Kemer/Antalya, Turkey -Invited Talk-

Active Fences against Voltage-based Side Channels in Multi-Tenant FPGAs

2019 - Jonas Krautter, Dennis Gnad, Falk Schellenberg, Amir Moradi, Mehdi B. Tahoori

International Conference On Computer Aided Design, ICCAD 2019, Westminster, Colorado, USA, November 4-7, 2019. [pdf]

Automated Probe Repositioning for On-Die EM Measurements

2019 - Bastian Richter, Alexander Wild, Amir Moradi

International Conference On Computer Aided Design, ICCAD 2019, Westminster, Colorado, USA, November 4-7, 2019. [pdf]