Lattice-Based Cryptography: from Reconfigurable Hardware to ASIC

2016 - Tobias Oder, Tim Güneysu, Felipe Valencia, Ayesha Khalid, Maire O’Neill, Francesco Regazzoni

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A Dynamic Cache Reconfiguration Platform for Soft Real-Time Systems

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FPGA Debugging by a Device Start and Stop Approach

2016 - Habib ul Hasan Khan, Diana Göhringer

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Side-Channel Analysis Protection and Low-Latency in Action - case study of PRINCE and Midori

2016 - Amir Moradi, Tobias Schneider

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EvilCoder: Automated Bug Insertion

2016 - Jannik Pewny, Thorsten Holz

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Multi-Receiver GPS Spoofing Detection: Error Models and Realization

2016 - Kai Jansen, Nils Ole Tippenhauer, Christina Pöpper

In Proceedings of the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), 2016 [PDF]

The Passive Eavesdropper Affects my Channel: Secret-Key Rates under Real-World Conditions

2016 - Christian Zenger, Hendrik Vogt, Jan Zimmer, Aydin Sezgin, Chris­tof Paar

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Capacitive radio frequency magnetron discharges: A global model

2016 - Dennis Engel, Dennis Krüger, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

WELT­PP-19, Kerk­ra­de, The Nether­lands, De­cem­ber 02, 2016.

A new approach for velocity profile measurements with electromagnetic flow tomography

2016 - Jan Christoph Abrolat, Thomas Musch

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An adaptable sensor for electromagnetic flow tomography utilizing an axially split symmetric ferromagnetic circuit

2016 - Jan Christoph Abrolat, Thomas Musch

in Proc. 8th World Congr. Ind. Process Tomography, Iguassu Falls, Brazil, 2016.