Femtosecond pump-probe experiments on semiconductor optical amplifiers

1994 - Martin R. Hofmann , M. Koch, J. Feldmann, W. Elsäßer, E.O. Göbel

International workshop on pattern singularities and collapse: Applications to semiconductor lasers and critical focusing of ultrashort pulses, Cork, Ireland (invited)

Ultrafast gain dynamics in InGaAlP lasers

1994 - J.A. Tatum, Martin R. Hofmann , J. Sacher, D.L. Mac Farlane

OSA meeting, Dallas, USA

Picosecond gain dynamics of an actively modelocked external cavity laser diode

1994 - Martin R. Hofmann , M. Koch, H.-J. Heinrich, G. Weiser, J. Feldmann, W. Elsäßer, E.O. Göbel, S.W. Koch, W.W. Chow

SPIE Photonics West, OE/LASE Los Angeles, USA (invited)

Implementation of a Reprogrammable Reed-Solomon Decoder over GF(216) on a Digital Signal Processor with External Arithmetic Unit

1994 - Chris­tof Paar, O. Hooijen

Fourth International European Space Agency (ESA) Workshop on Digital Signal Processing Techniques Applied to Space Communications, King's College, London, September, 1994. [ps]

Low Complexity Parallel Multipliers for Galois Fields GF((2n)4) Based on Special Types of Primitive Polynomials

1994 - Chris­tof Paar

1994 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Trondheim, Norway, June, 1994

Das dynamische Verhalten einer Shredder-Anlage mit Asynchronmotorantrieb und hydrodynamischer Kupplung

1994 - Beck, H.-P., Constantinos Sourkounis , Wenske, J.

Kolloquium zu SFB 180; Fankfurt, ACHEMA 1994