Gleichstromsteller mit Multiplex-Takt-Betrieb für Verkehrssysteme

2005 - Constantinos Sourkounis , Wilhöft, A., Fritsche, A.

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Investigations on electron heating in low pressure inductively coupled discharges

2005 - Thomas Eisenbarth, Thomas Mussenbrock

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Optimal Control Structure to Reduce the Comulative Load in the Drive Train of Wind Energy Converters

2005 - Constantinos Sourkounis , Bingchang Ni

European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE 2005) Dresden 2005

Terahertz Generation with Two Color Diode Lasers

2005 - Stefan Hoffmann, Martin R. Hofmann

LEOS Annual Meeting, Sydney, Australia (invited)

Keramische System-in-Package-Technologie für 5-GHz-WLAN-Transceiver

2005 - R. Matz, W. Bakalski, W. Debski, Ulrich Langmann, Pierre Mayr, W. Simbürger, S. Walter, P. Weger, Christopher Weyers

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Automatic control of extracorporeal circulation: Arterial blood flow control

2005 - Misgeld, B.J.E, Werner, J., Martin Hexamer

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Design Rules and Stability Criteria for Closed-Loop Rate-Responsive Pacemakers

2005 - Martin Hexamer, Werner, J.

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Investigations on resonnaces of bounded plasmas- An analycal approach

2005 - Martin Lapke, Thomas Mussenbrock, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

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Model-based Control Concept for Capacitive Discharges

2005 - Dennis Ziegler, Jan Falkenhain, Thomas Mussenbrock, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

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Measurement of the Scattering-Parameters of Planar Multi-Port Devices

2005 - Ilona Rolfes, Burkhard Schiek †

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