Adapted estimation for Quantitative Ultrasound variables at the proximal femur based on an optimization algorithm

2006 - Stefanie Dencks, R. Barkmann, P. Laugier, F. Padilla, G. Haiat, Georg Schmitz, Claus-Christian Glüer

International Bone Densitometry Workshop (IBDW), 2006, Kyoto

13 GHz Divide-by-Four Cascaded CMOS Injection Locked Frequency Divider

2006 - Pierre Mayr, T. Mronga, M. Tiebout, Ch. Kienmayer, R. Thueringer, Ulrich Langmann

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Optically Powered Video Camera Network

2006 - G. Boettger, Michael Hübner, M. Dreschmann, C. Klamouris, K. Paulsson, T. Kueng, A. W. Bett, J. Becker, W. Freude, J. Leuthold

VDE-ITG-Fachtagung Kommunikationskabelnetze, Cologne, Germany, 2006

Dual polarisierbare planare UWB-Mehrarmantennen zur Schwundkompensation in Mehrwege-Übertragungskanälen

2006 - Gunnar Armbrecht, Oliver Klemp, Sven Karsten Hampel, Oliver Schmitz, Daniel Kornek, Ilona Rolfes, Hermann Eul

VDE / ITG Diskussionssitzung - Antennen und Messverfahren für Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB)-Systeme, UWB Workshop 2006, IMST GmbH, Kamp-Lintfort, Germany, Dec 6-7, 2006 [Datei]

Drive Train Control for Wind Energy Converter Based on Stochastic Dynamic Optimization

2006 - Constantinos Sourkounis , Bingchang Ni

IEEE Industrial Electronics Conference (IECON 2006), Special Session: Self-optimizing systems and advanced control Paris, France 2006

Possible approximations for the modelling of the cathode region in thermal plasmas

2006 - Jens Oberrath, Frank Holger Scharf, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

9th Euregional WeltPP, Kerkrade, the Netherlands, 28-29 November

Towards Multicolored Computing - Compartmented Security to Prevent Phishing Attacks.

2006 - Sebastian Gajek, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Christian Stüble, Marcel Winandy

Workshop on Information and System Security (WISSEC'06), Antwerpen (Belgium), 2006 .

A Protocol for Property-Based Attestation

2006 - Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Christian Stüble, Hans Löhr, Liquen Chen, Rainer Landfermann, Markus Rohe

Accepted for The First ACM Workshop on Scalable Trusted Computing (STC'06) [pdf]

TCG Inside? - A Note on TPM Specification Compliance

2006 - Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Christian Wachsmann, Marcel Selhorst, Christian Stüble, Marcel Winandy

In Proceedings of the first ACM Workshop on Scalable Trusted Computing (ACMSTC), Alexandria, Virginia, USA, November 3, 2006, pages 47-56. ACM Press, 2006.