Stealthy Opaque Predicates in Hardware - Obfuscating Constant Expressions at Negligible Overhead

2018 - Max Hoffmann, Chris­tof Paar

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Millimeter-Wave Characterization of Dielectric Materials Using Calibrated FMCW Transceivers

2018 - Jan Barowski, Marc Zimmermanns, Ilona Rolfes

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Standard Lattice-Based Key Encapsulation on Embedded Devices

2018 - James Howe, Tobias Oder, Markus Krausz, Tim Güneysu

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Spatio-temporal analysis of the electron power absorption in electropositive capacitive RF plasmas based on moments of the Boltzmann equation

2018 - Julian Schulze, Zoltán Donkó, Trevor Lafleur, Sebastian Wilczek, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

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Integration of external electric fields in molecular dynamics simulation models for resistive switching devices

2018 - Tobias Gergs, Sven Dirkmann, Thomas Mussenbrock

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Near Infrared Diode Laser THz Systems

2018 - Carsten Brenner, Yinghui Hu, Jared Ombiro Gwaro, Nils Surkamp, Benjamin Döpke, Martin R. Hofmann , B. Kani, A. Stöhr, B. Sumpf, A. Klehr, J. Fricke

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A Mixed-Mode Beamforming Radar Transmitter MMIC Utilizing Novel Ultra-Wideband IQ-Generation Techniques in SiGe BiCMOS

2018 - Benedikt Welp, A. Meusling, K. Aufinger, Nils Pohl

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Classification of brain tissue with optical coherence tomography by employing texture analysis

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A Survey on Formal Verification Techniques for Safety-Critical Systems-on-Chip

2018 - Tomás Grimm, Michael Hübner, Djones Lettnin

Electronics, MDPI, Special Issue Hardware and Architecture [Website]