JITPR: A framework for supporting fast application's implementation onto FPGAs

2013 - Harry Sidiropoulos, Kostas Siozios, Peter Figuli, Dimitrios Sourdris, Michael Hübner, Jürgen Becker

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Process diagnostics and monitoring using the multipole resonance probe in an inhomogeneous plasma for ion-assisted deposition of optical coatings

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Combining emission and absorption spectroscopy at rare earth spectral lines: plasma temperature measurements in ceramic metal halide lamps

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Introduction to the special section on 19th reconfigurable architectures workshop (RAW 2012)

2013 - Diana Göhringer, Rene Cumplido

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Utilization of Low-Pressure Plasma to Inactivate Bacterial Spores on Stainless Steel Screws

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Nonlinear simultaneous reconstruction of inhomogeneous compressibility and mass density distributions in unidirectional pulse-echo ultrasound imaging

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Phase shift variance imaging - a new technique for destructive microbubble imaging

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Ultrafast Volumetric B1+ Mapping for Improved RF Shimming in 3T Body MRI

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High peak power pulses from dispersion optimised modelocked semiconductor laser

2013 - Jan C. Balzer, Tobias Schlauch, A. Klehr, G. Erbert, G. Tränkle, Martin R. Hofmann

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Spin relaxation length in quantum dot spin LEDs

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