Introduction to the Special Issue on Virtual Prototyping of Parallel and Embedded Systems (ViPES)

2014 - Diana Göhringer

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2014 - J. Schulze, E. Schüngel, A. Derzsi, I. Korolov, Thomas Mussenbrock, Z. Donko

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High Precision D-Band FMCW-Radar Sensor Based on a Wideband SiGe-Transceiver MMIC

2014 - Timo Jaeschke, Christian Bredendiek, Simon Küppers, Nils Pohl

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Physical Security Evaluation of the Bitstream Encryption Mechanism of Altera Stratix II and Stratix III FPGAs

2014 - Pawel Swierczynski, Amir Moradi, David Oswald, Chris­tof Paar

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On the OES line-ratio technique in argon and argon containing plasmas

2014 - S. Siepa, S. Danko, T.V. Tsankov, Thomas Mussenbrock, U. Czarnetzki

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Plasmoids for etching and deposition

2014 - Ramasamy Pothiraja, Nikita Bibinov, Peter Awakowicz


Radar based Ground Level Reconstruction Utilizing a Hypocycloid Antenna Positioning System

2014 - Christoph Baer, Thomas Musch

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Enhanced photoacoustic signal from DNA assembled gold nanoparticle networks

2014 - A Buchkremer, Martin F. Beckmann, M Linn, J Ruff, R R Rosencrantz, G von Plessen, Georg Schmitz, U Simon

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Development and evaluation of a device for simultaneous uniaxial compression and optical imaging of cartilage samples in vitro

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