A novel global model for radio-frequency driven plasmas at atmospheric pressure

Torben Hemke, Thomas Mussenbrock, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

65th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC), Austin (Texas), USA, 22-26 October


Over the last years microplasma research gained a lot of attention both from an experimental and theoretical perspective. One particular type of microplasma sources that shows a variety of interesting physics and applications are the so called plasma jets. Besides the more elaborated fluid or hybrid approaches the so called global models offer the ability to explore averaged species densities and energies while remaining computationally efficient. This contribution investigates a coplanar radio-frequency driven plasma jet by means of a novel global model. The model takes into account the strong modulation of the electric field in time and space both in the sheath and bulk region. By means of a consistent scale analysis we find an analytical expression for the electric field. We compare our obtained electric field to results from PIC simulations and present the general concept for this novel global model of the microplasma jet. This work is supported by the Research Group FOR 1123 “Physics of microplasmas” supported by the German Research Foundation DFG.

Tags: APPJ, atmospheric pressure, global model, RF discharges