Empirical and site specific eigenmode characterization of an indoor radio propagation channel in the UHF band

Artur Nalobin, Sven Dortmund, Sebastian Sczyslo, Ilona Rolfes

43rd Eu­ropean Micro­wa­ve Con­fe­rence (EuMC), pp. 1075-1078, Nu­rem­berg, Ger­ma­ny, Oct 6-10, 2013


This contribution deals with the subspace analysis of an indoor radio propagation channel in the UHF band. The investigation is of special interest to the use of multiple-input and multiple-output system concepts to achieve high data rates with an efficient use of the frequency resource. The analysis is based on the eigenspace decomposition of the channel covariance matrix to decouple the channel into parallel eigenmode subchannels. This allows to draw conclusions on the degrees of freedom of the channel in dependence on the signaling bandwidth as well as on a site-specific constellation.