Evaluation of radio channel LOS/NLOS transitions in indoor and outdoor fading measurements

Jan Barowski, Sven Dortmund, Bastian Meiners, Artur Nalobin, Sebastian Sczyslo, Ilona Rolfes

43rd Eu­ropean Micro­wa­ve Con­fe­rence (EuMC), pp. 1079-1082, Nu­rem­berg, Ger­ma­ny, Oct 6-10, 2013


In this contribution the effects of line-of-sight to non-line-of-sight transitions on statistical radio channel parameters are presented. A statistical analysis on measured channel data is done, based on an extensive indoor and outdoor channel measurement campaign that took place in the ultra-high-frequency band. Two measurement rows with repeatedly alternating line-of-sight to non-line-of-sight situations are presented. The first one representing an indoor-to-indoor case, while the second one deals with outdoor-to-indoor transmission. The resulting fading profile is analyzed in terms of the Rician K-factor, Level-Crossing Rate and Average-Fading-Duration.