Handbook of Hybrid Systems Control

Jan Lunze, Françoise Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue , Editors

Cambridge University Press * ISBN: 978-0-521-76505-3



Setting out core theory and reviewing a range of new methods, theoretical problems, and applications, this handbook shows how hybrid dynamical systems can be modeled and understood. Sixty expert authors involved in the recent research activities and industrial application studies provide practical insights on topics ranging from the theoretical investigations through computer-aided design and verification tools to different applications.

Structured in three parts, the book opens with a thorough introduction to hybrid systems theory, illustrating new dynamical phenomena through numerous examples and showing novel modeling, analysis, and design techniques that have been elaborated recently for this new system class. Part II then provides a survey of key tools and tool integration activities. Finally, Part III is dedicated to applications, implementation issues, and system integration, considering applications to industrial control, energy management systems, automotive systems, and digital networks.

Three running examples are referred to throughout the book, together with numerous illustrations, helping both researchers and industry professionals to understand complex theory, recognize problems and find appropriate solutions.


tags: Control, Hybrid, systems