Kinetic Monte-Carlo Simulations of Filamentary Resistive Switching in Electrochemical Metalization Cells

Sven Dirkmann, Jan Trieschmann, Tobias Gergs, Mirko Hansen, Martin Ziegler, Hermann Kohlstedt, Thomas Mussenbrock

The 2015 E-MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit, Warschau, Polen


Memristive devices are promising candidates for neural network applications. Many of these devices rely on nano-ionic mechanisms, one of which is electrochemical metalization. Here, the resistive switching, i.e., the drastic change of the ohmic resistance is due to the formation and re-formation of conductive metal filaments. Particularly the switching, which is inherently a 3D phenomenon, on the experimental seconds time-scale is not understood yet. In this contribution we report on a new 3D simulations model for filamentary resistive switching. In order to allow for describing the interplay between ionic and electronic transport, the 3D kinetic Monte-Carlo model for the ion transport is equipped with a simplified current transport model. First simulation results on the switching dynamics discussed in this contribution show very good agreement with experimentally obtained data.

This work is part of the Research Group FOR2093 entitled “Memristive Devices for Neural Systems” and funded by the German Research Society (DFG)