Axions and SN 1987A

Adam Burrows, Michael S. Turner, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

APS Phys. Rev. D Volume 39 Issue 4


We consider the effect of free-streaming axion emission on numerical models for the cooling of the newly born neutron star associated with SN 1987A. We find that for an axion mass of greater than ?10-3 eV, axion emission shortens the duration of the expected neutrino burst so significantly that it would be inconsistent with the neutrino observations made by the Kamiokande II and Irvine-Michigan-Brookhaven detectors. However, we have not investigated the possibility that axion trapping (which should occur for masses ?0.02 eV) sufficiently reduces axion emission so that axion masses greater than ?2 eV would be consistent with the neutrino observations.


tags: axion emission, axion trapping, free-streaming, Irvine-Michigan-Brookhaven detector, Kamiokande II, neutrino burst, neutron star, numerical model