Calibration of vector network analyzers on the basis of the LRR-method

Ilona Rolfes, Burkhard Schiek †

Advances in Radio Science, DOI:10.5194/ars-1-21-2003, Vol. 1, pp. 21-25, 2003


The LRR method for the calibration of vector network analyzers is presented. This method belongs to the self calibration procedures where the calibration circuits might be partly unknown. The LRR calibration circuits are all of equal mechanical length in contrast to the well known TRL calibration, which needs a line-standard with a different length than the other calibration standards. For the LRR method it is thus not necessary to displace the connectors of the vector network analyzer during calibration in order to contact the calibration structures. The calibration circuits mainly consist of reflective networks that have to be placed at three consecutive positions. As the algorithm accounts for different distances between the reflective networks, the circuits are easy to realize. The robust functionality of the LRR method is confirmed by measurements.

[Adv. Radio Science]

tags: LRR method, vector network analyzer