Characterisation of DBD plasma in air by treatment of water and other surfaces

Priyadarshini Rajasekaran, Nikita Bibinov, Peter Awakowicz

Eleventh International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering, PSE 2008


Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) in air is used frequently for modification of material surfaces for different applications. Plasma in this discharge has direct contact with the surface and therefore, the properties and profile of this treated surface influences the plasma parameters and steady state densities of active species between the treated surface and the electrode. Using optical emission spectroscopy and plasma chemical modeling, the plasma parameters (like E/N, EVDF, n e) and the gas temperature of DBD plasma in contact with various water-covered surfaces, at different geometires (spikes, spheres, planes) of different materials (metal, polymer, glass) are determined. The steady state densities of active species (N, O, NO, O 3) over treated surfaces are calculated. A systematic approach delivers an overview of all these parameters as a function of the distance between both electrodes.

tags: dbd