Comparison of Virtual Arrays for MIMO Radar Applications based on Hexagonal Configurations

Christoph Dahl, Michael Vogt, Ilona Rolfes

IEEE Eu­ropean Micro­wa­ve Con­fe­rence 2015 (EuRAD), pp. 417-420, DOI: 10.1109/EuRAD.2015.7346326, Paris, France, Sep 9-11, 2015


In this contribution a MIMO radar concept based on a hexagonal configuration of antenna elements is presented. The concept has been designed for a radar system with 7 transmitting and 7 receiving antenna elements and has been compared to a common two dimensional MIMO arrangement. It is shown that the presented hexagonal setup improves the side lobe suppression by 3 dB while enhancing the angular resolution to 13.8°. Furthermore a thinning method for the hexagonal arrangement is presented. Finally, radar measurements have been performed in order to compare the performance of the concepts in a close range scenario.

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