Dielectric Barrier Discharge for Biomedical application

Priyadarshini Rajasekaran, Nikita Bibinov, Peter Awakowicz

German-Japanese workshop (Bochum) Oct 2008


Among the various biomedical applications, plasma is used for sterilization and surface modification of biomaterials. Recently, plasma sources are studied for in-contact applications with biological substrate like skin. A plasma source consisting of only one electrode covered with ceramic is employed here. An object with high capacitance, such as human body, can serve as the opposite electrode. A study of electric parameters like ignition voltage and discharge current, and plasma parameters like electron density (ne), electron velocity distribution function (EVDF) and gas temperature of the discharge, using optical emission spectroscopy, current-voltage measurements and microphotography, is done for various inter-electrode distances (d). The amount of applied electric power dissipated in the production of chemically active species is also determined. Despite the high breakdown voltage in air at atmospheric pressure, the average current is low and hence the discharge is completely safe to be used in direct contact with biological objects like human skin and nails.

tags: dbd