Effects of Antenna Characteristics and Placements on a Vehicle-to-Vehicle Channel Scenario

Daniel Kornek, Moritz Schack, Eric Slottke, Oliver Klemp, Ilona Rolfes, Thomas Kürner

IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2010), Workshop on Vehicular Connectivity, pp. 1-5, Cape Town, South Africa, May 23-27, 2010


The time-varying propagation channel in vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications strongly influences the performance of a wireless system in terms of e.g. channel capacity or outage probability. Assuming knowledge of the channel characteristics, in simulations these parameters are generally calculated by using isotropic radiators instead of real antennas, thus neglecting the influence of the antennas' parameters. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to investigate a possible antenna configuration consisting of three antennas mounted at different positions on the car and to describe the difference between the real and a corresponding isotropic configuration for a defined channel scenario.

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tags: Antenna, vehicle-to-vehicle