An Efficient Hardware Architecture for Factoring large Numbers with the Elliptic Curve Method

J. Franke, T. Kleinjung, Chris­tof Paar, Jan Pelzl, C. Priplata, M. Simka, C. Stahlke

1st Workshop on Special-purpose Hardware for Attacking Cryptographic Systems - SHARCS 2005, Paris, France, February 24-25, 2005.


The security of the most popular asymmetric cryptographic scheme RSA depends on the hardness of factoring large numbers. The best known method for this in- teger factorization is the General Number Field Sieve (GNFS). One important step within the GNFS is the factorization of mid-size numbers without small prime divi- sors. This can be done eciently by the Elliptic Curve Method (ECM), e.g. in special hardware.


tags: elliptic curve method, integer factorization, software-hardware codesign