Enhancement of ohmic and stochastic heating by resonance effects in capacitive radio frequency discharges: A Theoretical Approach

Thomas Mussenbrock, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, M. A. Lieberman, A. J. Lichtenberg, E. Kawamura

Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 085004 (2008) [4 pages]


In low-pressure capacitive radio frequency discharges, two mechanisms of electron heating are dominant: (i) Ohmic heating due to collisions of electrons with neutrals of the background gas and (ii) stochastic heating due to momentum transfer from the oscillating boundary sheath. In this work we show by means of a nonlinear global model that the self-excitation of the plasma series resonance which arises in asymmetric capacitive discharges due to nonlinear interaction of plasma bulk and sheath significantly affects both Ohmic heating and stochastic heating. We observe that the series resonance effect increases the dissipation by factors of 2–5. We conclude that the nonlinear plasma dynamics should be taken into account in order to describe quantitatively correct electron heating in asymmetric capacitive radio frequency discharges.


Tags: Low-pressure ccp, nonlinear plasma sheath model, ohmic and stochastic electron heating