Fully automated measurements of calibrated scattering parameters of multi-ports with a two-port network analyzer

Bianca Will, Ilona Rolfes, Burkhard Schiek †

37th European Microwave Conference (EUMC 2007), pp. 242 – 245, Munich, Germany, Oct 9-12, 2007


The measurement of the scattering matrices of n-port networks is an important task. For this purpose two ports of the n-port network are connected with the network analyzer and the remaining ports are connected to reflecting terminations. A new algorithm, named the wave-identification method, which employs two sets of reflection terminations that have to differ from each other, allows to identify every n-port network without the necessity to distinguish different cases. The wave-identification method is based on least square algorithms and allows to determine all scattering parameters of a n-port- network directly and uniquely. Furthermore, automated setups were developed which enable fully automated and additionally calibrated measurements of the scattering parameters of 3- and 4-ports. These automated setups take advantage of the symmetry of the employed switches. Thus, it is possible to measure the calibrated scattering parameters of 3- and 4-ports with a two-port network analyzer fully automatically.

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tags: multi-ports