Generalized transport coefficients of multicomponent low-temperature plasmas

Thomas Senega, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. 35, 1196, (2007)


We present an efficient solution strategy for the calculation of the transport coefficients of a multicomponent nonequilibrium low-temperature plasma based on a generalized heavy-particle transport model. In this regime, the chemical and thermal properties show that the plasma is not in equilibrium. However, the heavy particles themselves are expected to be in a local thermal equilibrium. Hence, we use a fluid-dynamic approach. The transport properties of the heavy particles are derived using kinetic methods. We expand the deviation from equilibrium into tensorial Hermitian polynomials, which leads to a description of transport variables similar to known transport models. An effective solution strategy is being developed for the calculation of the transport parameters. Our results deviate of less than 3% from other references for Ar. The typical structure of the transport phenomena will be discussed.


Tags: fluid dynamics, generalized transport coefficients, heavy-particle transport model, kinetic methods, multicomponent low-temperature plasmas, tensorial Hermitian polynomials