Impact of Sievenpiper High Impedance Surfaces on the Performance of Planar Cross-Dipole Polarization Diversity Antennas

Oliver Schmitz, Sven Karsten Hampel, Ilona Rolfes, Hermann Eul

10th European Conference on Wireless Technology (ECWT 2007), pp.118-121, Munich, Germany, Oct 8-10, 2007


This paper examines the influence of so called Sievenpiper High Impedance Surfaces (HIS) on the diversity performance of planar dual linear-polarized cross-dipole antennas in the ISM-band at 5.5 GHz. Starting from uncoupled free-space considerations we investigate characteristic performance criteria such as Mean Effective Gain (MEG), power imbalance, spatial correlation and diversity gain of different antenna configurations by means of full-wave electromagnetic analysis. Diversity analysis is performed via Monte-Carlo simulations applying statistical channel models. The obtained results show that the application of Sievenpiper High Impedance Surfaces to planar diversity antennas enables equivalent diversity performance when compared to configurations with plain ground metalizations at the same time reducing the overall-height substantially.

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tags: HIS, Sievenpiper