Influence of contacts on the hold-off voltage and recovery of electron-beam activated gallium arsenide switches

Kennedy, M.K, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, Schoenbach, K.H.

Trans on IEEE Volume 42, Issue 5, 1009 - 1011


The dark current, the current gain, and the recovery behavior of electron-beam controlled gallium arsenide bulk switches was measured for various contact configurations. With non-injecting contacts, the pulsed hold-off voltage and the threshold voltage for current lock-on was found to be higher by more than a factor of 3, compared to systems with injecting contacts. Additionally, the switch gain could be increased by a factor of 3 by doping the electron-beam irradiated face of the switch with zinc.


tags: bulk switch, contact configuration, dark current, electron-beam, gallium arsenide, hold-off voltage, irradiated, non-injecting, recovery behavior, switch gain, threshold voltage, zinc