Kinetic analysis of negative power deposition in inductive low pressure plasmas

Jan Trieschmann, Thomas Mussenbrock

Plasma Sources Science and Technology 26, 024004 (2017)


Negative power deposition in low pressure inductively coupled plasmas (ICPs) is investigated by means of an analytical model which couples Boltzmann's equation and the quasi-stationary Maxwell's equations. Exploiting standard Hilbert space methods an explicit solution for both, the electric field and the distribution function of the electrons for a bounded discharge configuration subject to an unsymmetrical excitation is found for the first time. The model is applied to a low pressure ICP discharge. In this context particularly the anomalous skin effect and the effect of phase mixing is discussed. The analytical solution is compared with results from electromagnetic full wave particle in cell simulations. Excellent agreement between the analytical and the numerical results is found.


tags: ICP, kinetic, Theory