MediTrust: Secure Client Systems for Healthcare IT to Protect Sensitive Data of Patients

Ammar Alkassar, Biljana Cubaleska, Hans Löhr, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Christian Stüble, Marcel Winandy

Med-e-Tel - Global Telemedicine and eHealth Updates: Knowledge Resources, Vol 4., pp. 385-389, ISfTeH, Luxembourg, 2011.


Healthcare professionals typically use their computer systems not only for accessing patient health records, but also to connect to medical accounting and billing services as well as other services on the Internet. This raises security and privacy concerns as client platforms may be infected by malware and could manipulate data or leak data to unauthorized parties. The project MediTrust aims to protect medical data of patients from being leaked to unauthorized parties. We propose a security infrastructure that builds privacy protection domains and enforces them up to the end-user platforms. Usability and effectiveness of the security mechanisms will be evaluated in user studies.


tags: E-Health, security, Trusted Virtual Domains, turaya