Monitoring of Industrial Plasma Processes Using the Multipole Resonance Probe

Dennis Pohle, Christian Schulz, Moritz Oberberg, Peter Awakowicz, Ilona Rolfes

European Microwave Conference in Central Europe (EuMCE), pp. pp. 622-625, Prague, Czech Republic, May 13-15, 2019


In this contribution the applicability of a ceramic-based multipole resonance probe for supervision of industrial plasma processes is investigated. 3D electromagnetic simulations demonstrate the high sensitivity of the sensor regarding small fluctuations of the plasma’s electron density as well as collision frequency. A long-term real-time monitoring of an argon plasma having gas temperatures up to 400° C confirms the high-temperature resistance of the probe. Further statistic evaluations show the high measurement stability as well as the possible precise tracking of the plasma parameters.

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