A nonlinear global model of a dual frequency capacitive discharge

Thomas Mussenbrock, Dennis Ziegler, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

© 2006 American Institute of Physics Phys. Plasmas 13, 083501 (2006)


The behavior of dual frequency capacitively coupled plasmas is investigated. Assuming a realistic reactor configuration represented by effective geometry factors and taking into account two separate sinusoidal voltage sources operating at different frequencies, an ordinary differential equation is derived which describes the nonlinear dynamics of such discharges. An exact analytical solution of the equation is presented and employed for a parameter study of the discharge current characteristics. Simulation results for various gas pressures (=various electron-neutral collision rates), various amplitude ratios of the two independent rf sources, and various integer frequency ratios are shown. When the two frequencies are comparable, surprising nonlinear effects are observed. Particular under study is the heating at the plasma series resonance, either by direct excitation or via the nonlinear electron resonance heating mechanism.


Tags: dual frequency ccp, effective geometry factors, exact analytical solution, nonlinear dynamics, two separate sinusoidal voltage sources